“Intentional debtors are outrightly wicked people” – Basketmouth’s ex-wife, Elsie Okpocha says

Elsie Okpocha, ex-wife to Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, has tagged intentional debtors as wicked people in a recent video.

In her video, she stated that debtors, who intentionally refuse to pay what they owe, are outrightly wicked people.

Basketmouth's ex-wife, Elsie Okpocha
Basketmouth’s ex-wife, Elsie Okpocha

She also mentioned that most borrowers would approach their target and ask for money in a very kind and polite manner, but once they had it, they become nasty and are very difficult to repay their debts.

She continued by saying that although it was one thing for someone to be in debt and unable to repay a loan, it was quite another for someone to have money yet choose to withhold payment.

Elsie even gave the example of those persons who would prefer to splurge on expensive items than make the necessary loan repayments.

She added that some creditors were so contemptuous of the money they owed that they would even return to borrow additional funds on top of what they already owed.

They would use the justification that they would pay the entire amount at once. She warned others not to do such, explaining that those are the individuals who people hope that thunder will strike.