Influencer grants female follower’s wish with car gift

Chizitere Ahubelem, a well-known influencer from Imo State, has made one of his follower’s dreams come true by generously gifting her a car.

The fortunate recipient, Okpaleke Nnenna Gabriela, had expressed her heartfelt wish on Facebook after Chizzy Whizzy offered his followers an opportunity to ask for anything they desired.

Influencer grants female follower's wish with car gift
A photo of the influencer and the female fan alongside the gifted car. Photo credit: Chizitere Ahubelem Source: Facebook

Nnenna, the owner of Beyond Concept Services, a cleaning service, carefully penned a touching response to Chizitere’s open invitation.

She humbly requested a Toyota Sienna, specifically a model from 2007 to 2009, to facilitate the mobility aspect of her business.

To her amazement, luck smiled upon her as Chizitere, renowned for his philanthropy, chose her request and fulfilled it.

On Monday, Chizitere took to Facebook to share the wonderful news with his followers, announcing that he had granted Nnenna’s wish and posting pictures alongside the industrious lady.

He proudly stated that Nnenna, an indigene of Anambra State, became the first female recipient of his car gifting initiative.

Initially taken aback by Nnenna’s request for a car, Chizitere admitted feeling shocked.

However, he attributed his decision to proceed with fulfilling her request to the guidance he received from a higher power, believing that he could make it happen.

When asked about his selection of Nnenna, Chizitere explained that he chose to support her business, citing a recent car gift given to a male friend.

By presenting Nnenna with a car, he aimed to enhance the mobility and operational efficiency of Beyond Concept Services, acknowledging her hard work and dedication.

Netizens Reactions…

@Chidiebube Allen Chukwuemeka said; “You remain a silent achiever, “you don’t make noise but rather your actions speaker louder than voice.”

@Kachi Gabriels said; “Chaii this is massive it’s not easy at all ..May God Continue to Replenish you. “Congratulations to Her.

@Okereke Godson C Bishop said; “Chizitere Ahubelem a man like you doesn’t exist! Thank you for all you do nwannem ! Permit me to play a host to you on behalf of RUWASSA any place of your choice , for all the good works you’re doing for humanity.

@Okorie Uchenna Christian said; “Never been in doubt of your capacity Sir.”

@Awuzie Frankline said; “Massive. Congratulations to her and thank you chizzy. Giving is not about having , it’s pure sacrifice.”

@Oma ChicsGlow Oma said; “The lady knows what she wants. Nice one. “Congratulations dear winner.

@Cindy Nation said; “Chukwu gozie gi Nna… “God bless you so much and replenish your pocket . “You made this happen Congratulations momma.”

@Okpaleke Nnenna Gabriela said; “Beyond Concept Services now have a car, this car will go places …Amen.

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Influencer grants female follower's wish with car gift

Influencer grants female follower's wish with car gift

Influencer grants female follower's wish with car gift

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