“I’m not embarrassed for washing plates, my wife earns three times my salary” – Man claims

A husband material on Twitter has disclosed that he washes the plates at home because his wife earns three times his salary.

"I'm not embarrassed for washing plates, my wife earns three times my salary" - Man claims

The Twitter user identified simply as Seth stated that he’s not worried that his wife earns more than him neither is he worried that he has taken more house responsibilities. And one of which is washing plates.

This has actually become a controversial issue on Twitter as other women have disclosed their own domestic situation at home.

According to him, his wife earns three times his salary monthly, and instead of feeling embarrassed, he helps out with the domestic chores.

He also revealed that when he met her she was successful, and he won’t be the kind of husband to dim her shine and stop her from being successful in her career.

Read his post:

“My wife makes 3x more than I do a month. Do you think I’m embarrassed? Do you think I’m hurt not being the breadwinner? Not one bit. I do the dishes like the good little husband I am.

Me belittling myself at the end is literally the joke ? she works, I work. I’m on extended leave because of Covid and can’t get to work so I might as well clean ? y’all be easy tho

I obviously love and support her ? she was successful before I met her ain’t no way I’m gonna dim her shine”

Here’ his tweet:


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