I’m not a feminist – Ini Edo clears the air

Nollywood actress and movie producer Ini Edo has cleared the air on the misconstrued perception that she is a feminist.

ini edo


There have been some perceptions that the co-producer of ‘Shanty Town‘ Ini Edo is a feminist. However, during an interview on the podcast, ‘Tea With Tay’.

According to Ini Edo, she believes that the rights of women should be protected and that there is a necessity for equality between genders.

However, she was brought up in a way that respecting men is of great value.

She said: “I’m not a feminist, being a feminist means different things to different people, I love to protect women’s rights and I feel the need for equality.

“But I’m also very structured and I am raised in a certain way, I am raised to respect men, I am raised to value men. I want to be a woman but I also want to be able to be a queen, you can be a king, and I am a queen; I am just comfortable in being a queen.

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