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“I’m homeless, help me rent an apartment” – Shatta Wale’s mother, Shatta Mama, cries out

Madam Elsie Avemegah, fondly known to public as Shatta Mama, the mom of controversial Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale, has pleaded with the general public, alleging that she is in dire need of cash to rent a suitable house where she could live.

Narrating her ordeal, Shatta Mama stated that the landlady sent her packing from the East Legon condominium that Shatta Wale alleged to have purchased for her some years back.

Shatta Wale’s unhappy mother revealed to Hotfmghana that she is, at the moment, without a place to live and that her only course of action is to seek public aid in getting for her self a new house.

Shatta Wale’s mum told Hotfmghana:

Yes, I have been evicted from the East Legon apartment Shatta Wale got for me … Almost two weeks now I have no where to stay…I’m currently homeless….All attempts to reach Shatta Wale to settle the debts the Landlady claims I’m owing have proved unsuccessful

Since my Son is not helping me , I will please appeal to the general public to help me rent a new apartment. They can either give me money to rent or can dash me an apartment. I only need a place to call my home. The embarrassment is too much”.