“I’m fasting, I can’t drink during Ramadan” – Alhaja faints on the roadside, rejects malt drink

A Muslim woman, Alhaja, sparked a conversation as she fainted on the roadside while refusing to drink malt from a stranger, claiming she couldn’t consume anything while fasting during Ramadan.

This incident was captured in a video captioned: “She did not drink malt because she is fasting.”

"I'm fasting, I can't drink during Ramadan" - Alhaja faints on the roadside, rejects malt drink
Alhaja faints on roadside, rejects malt drink, cites Ramadan fast.

Several videos were shared on social media by a bystander who happened to be present during the incident.

According to one of the videos attached below, Alhaja fainted while walking on the road. Passersby immediately attended to her, waking her up by sprinkling water on her face and performing other medical procedures.

To stabilize her and prevent further unconsciousness, she was offered a malt drink, but Alhaja refused despite pleas from the bystanders.

She persisted in refusing the drink for several hours, despite additional pleas from numerous people, insisting she wouldn’t break her Ramadan fast.

The actions of Alhaja garnered attention on social media, with many people sharing their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

See some reactions below:

🦋OLUWAFERANMI🦋: “Dat 1 self Dey but she is on fasting and she fainted.”

Dean Osanyintuyi Sam: “Awe ti ja already now, the Man putting his hands around her is not her Husband or relation now. Abi na me dey wrong ni?.”

Abas Abidemi: “She doesn’t understand the religion she’s practicing, if she go kpai like that, she get question to answer, she go explain why she no save herself in.”

Ashabi Shabbie: “Make I cut my fasting for 6:00 ehn ehn .. 😂Abi she don drink an ..Ona no see say na evening ni.”

Abdul Razak🇳🇬: “I returned back to the gym last 2 weeks during Ramadan after some years I left gym in London I almost died and just lying down in the gym but after some minute I was ok and didn’t still break my fast.”

kaffyluv230: “My mom too when she had a serious accident she refused to drink anything it was when we were talking angrily that she complied.”



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♬ original sound – 🦋OLUWAFERANMI🦋


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♬ original sound – 🦋OLUWAFERANMI🦋