I’m coming for those who think I’m a comedian or fake prophet – Odumeje vows

Popular pastor, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, better known as Odumeje blasts those who are accusing him of being a fake prophet.

The clergyman came down heavily also on those who think of his teaching and way of preaching as a sort of comic act.

I’m coming for those who think I’m a comedian or fake prophet – Odumeje vows
Pastor Odumeje. Photo sourec: Google.

Odumeje issued a warning to the public in a widely shared video, asking them to stop referring to him as an entertainer and stop spreading his videos in an attempt to use him as comedic relief.

He went on to say that “thunder will fire them” and promised to pursue those who accuse him of pulling off phony miracles, even if it is Jesus who is doing the healing.

Odumeje added that his detractors are foolish for all the reasons listed above, and he would deal with them if he ever discovered that they had made untrue accusations against him.

“Many of you are using me as comedy. If nobody in your generation or history in Igbo land has ever done the kind of miracles that Jesus is using me to do and you are using me as a comedy, and you’re calling me an entertainer, I am coming for you.

If I have done fake miracles and posted it on social media, you are idiots to call me a comedian, you are an idiot to call me an entertainment man…. thunder will fire you. Anyday you mention my name before that stvpid things, that day you are in trouble,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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