“I’m afraid to tell my fiancée that the love I have for her has disappeared” – Man cries out, seeks advice

A Nigerian man has cried out online after his feeling of love for his fiancée suddenly disappeared despite being a relationship for years.

The man took to Facebook to air his problem with netizens as he emphasized that he had been madly in love with the woman in question.

Man fiancée love disappeared
Embattled man.

However, there’s been sudden change of feeling now that they’re about to get married.

The embattled man said that he’s afraid to confess to his fiancée that he no longer loves her, especially since the plans of the marriage has already been put in place and he doesn’t want to disappoint everyone.

See his narration below …

“Please house help a brother. I’m dieing slowly! I started a relationship with this girl which I earlier love her and feel for her to the extent we are about getting married, now that we are about getting married, I don’t just know what it is that I don’t love her anymore, but I don’t actually want to disappoint her people because they received me happily, and I don’t want to disappoint my relatives and my pastor by disengaging this marriage. Though everything has being put in place for the marriage to take place but deep in me, o don’t want to get married to her again. The love I have for her earlier had disappear and I don’t love her anymore, but I’m afraid telling her or her people and my pastor/ my relatives because I feel I might disappoint them. This is really killing me slowly inside. Please house, I’m dieing inside me what exactly should I do?? I need your advice.”

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