Entertainment News Ifu Ennada drags female trolls she accused of bodyshaming her over her...

Ifu Ennada drags female trolls she accused of bodyshaming her over her coronavirus outfit to AMVCA 2020


Ifu Ennada has fired back at some Instagram users who she accused of hating and bodyshaming her over the ”coronavirus” outfit she wore to the 7th edition of the AMVCA.

The ex reality show star who disclosed that she doesn’t mind having contrary opinions on her post, stated that she is calling out the women for bodyshaming her and insulting her designer.

Sharing photos of the allged trolls, Ifu Ennada wrote;

See some of the ladies hating and bodyshaming me because of my #AMVCA2020 #CORONAVIRUSFASHION outfit last night. How you gotta be shaped like expired Tissue Roll laced in a timely concoction of ugliness and still have the mind to troll me? Akwa Nwa dika’m, Egovin Nwa dika’m.
The lady at the top left so ugly and disheveled she had to cut her face off in her own picture. . I know this is way out of character for someone like me, but pls let me just enjoy this moment.
I don’t mind contrary opinions on my posts, not everyone likes Plantain (I personally don’t), but when you now start bodyshaming me, insulting the designer and really just taking the piss, then you truly have a devil inside of you and I will destroy that devil with words if I have to.
Once again you can express your dislike for something without talking down on the subjects of the topic. I won’t tag these ladies because they deserve to be nameless and unrecognised for the rest of their lives. (Again I was probably too harsh with this last sentence, but I’ll take down the post soon, I just want them to suffer small depression which is what they would have drove me into if I didn’t have a strong spirit).


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