“If you’re in the UK, you’re not abroad” – UK-based Nigerian man

A UK-based Nigerian man gives justifiable reasons why the European country should not be considered as abroad while describing it as another state in Nigeria.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the insights from a Nigerian man who enumerated the closeness between Nigeria and the UK.

"If you're in the UK, you're not abroad" - UK-based Nigerian man

According to the man identified as Bukunmi Preacher on TikTok, Nigerians in the UK are so much that they can be found in any corner of the United Kingdom.

He further argued that being six hours away from Nigeria makes his point even more valid while stating the instance of having lunch in the UK and later dinner in Nigeria.

In addition, he said that the three major tribes in the West African country dominate London and the chances of meeting familiar tribesmen is completely certain.

Watch the video below …

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