“If you think you’re humble, wait till you have money you can’t finish” — Businessman, Samuel Otigba

Brand strategist and businessman, Samuel Otigba has told people who feel they’re humble to acquire money first and check themselves again.

Samuel Otigba

Acccording to him, a lot of Nigerians think they are very humble, but those thoughts is as a result of their lowly-placed financial status.

Samuel Otigba further revealed that poverty is at the root of this and says many people will be shocked when they finally make it in life, past their current level now.

The brand strategist took to social micro-blogging platform Twitter to share his experience, writing;

“When you are broke, everything seems linear, your taste in things are simple & sometimes that creates a false sense of modesty. Having money opens you up to a world of choices & gives you access to options you thought you never had, where your core values will be tested daily,” he tweeted.

“If you think you are humble, wait till you have money that can’t finish & then check yourself again. You’ll be shocked it wasn’t self control, good upbringing or your faith in God that was keeping you lowly, it was constant lack,” he added.

See his post below;

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