“If you qualify, drop a short video” – Lady causes buzz as she conducts giveaway with her 2-year-old mattress

A Nigerian lady, Ima Obong Uboh, has found herself at the center of a social media storm after announcing a giveaway involving her over-2-year-old king-sized semi-orthopaedic poly mattress.

In a Facebook post made on Saturday, September 23, Ima, who identifies as a feminist, shared her intentions to give away the mattress, which she originally purchased for N105,000 and has used for two years and five months.

"If you qualify, drop a short video." - Lady causes buzz as she conducts a giveaway with her 2-year-old mattress

The giveaway would also include four pillows.

While many people often use social media platforms for charitable endeavors and giveaways, Ima’s announcement came with conditions that stirred controversy and sparked outrage among online users.

In her post, she specified that the beneficiary must be a struggling single mother with at least two children who is not a widow.

Additionally, interested individuals were required to submit short video entries, convincing Ima on why they should be chosen to receive the mattress.

Ima further stated that the selection process would include public voting, leaving the final decision in the hands of the Netizens.

The conditions set by Ima for the mattress giveaway did not sit well with a significant portion of the public, leading to a wave of criticism and backlash on social media platforms.

Many users expressed their disapproval of the eligibility criteria, deeming them as exclusionary and insensitive.

Netizens Reactions…

Benita Eneje said; “So a ‘struggling single mother who is not a widow’ must have slept with two different men or the same man to have 2 kids? If you want to give it out, you give it out. Because of mattress.”

Sandra Adebola Johnson said; “Haaaaa. God punish poverty. The person should better sleep on the floor. If I see any video ewon straight.”

Harry Fynebone said: “The intent is beautiful, I mean you had ( or still have the option of selling). “However, the criteria is rather demeaning on the receiver’s personality…”

“I’d suggest you review the criteria please. Well done Miss Uboh.” 

Juliet Jude said; “So because of foam wey u don use for 2years people should start doing video calls with their children. If na money you wan give that means wey go dey for big brother house 24 hours camera on us abeg.”

Favour Pratt said: “This is how people who grew in and have poverty mentality think and act… Any little thing, they want to exaggerate and blow it out of proportion… people have given out bigger things without asking for any requirements but maka foam, you don tell people mama to do video post… Chineke merem ebere o.” 

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