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“If you don’t preach the word of God to your followers on social media, you will give account in heaven” – Mike Bamiloye

Nigerian film actor, director, and drama evangelist, Mike Bamiloye took to his Instagram page to warn social media users who are lackadaisical about preaching the word of God to their followers.

Mike Bamiloye social media

According to him, those who have a multitude of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook yet post ungodly pictures and tweets on their page are wasting the opportunity to preach the gospel through their platform. Hence, they will give account in heaven.

In his words;

“If Multitudes Are Following You On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and You Have No Word of Life TO FEED Them, But Trashes and Dustbin Wastes, Living Them to Still Hunger For Word of Life, YOU ARE WASTING A PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU WOULD STAND TO GIVE ACCOUNT FOR IN ETERNITY”.

Mike Bamiloye social media


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