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“If you are dating a guy that doesn’t talk to you every day, he’s not for you” – Actress, Anita Joseph

Actress Anita Joseph gives ladies who are dating a piece of advice on what to look out for in a man that claims to love them.

dating talk Anita Joseph


She took to her Instagram page to upload a video of herself as she explains that when a man you are dating is too busy for you and doesn’t give you enough “ear” time, then that man is not good enough to be with you.

This is because when one loves, they love completely and want to talk to the person every day.

Anita Joseph further explains that she wouldn’t want to marry a man who is wealthy but abusive. She made emphasis on her peace of mind being paramount in any relationship she’s involved in. The actress further encourages women to pray for a good man.

She said;

“If you are dating a guy and he doesn’t talk to you every day, my sister he is not for you, “he is too busy” it’s a lie if you love a man or woman you will talk to the person every day. You need to check up on that person.

Women pray for a good man and he will find you. I pray that your time will not pass you by, you shall be fruitful and all your desires shall come to pass. I pray you to bring love and peace to your home and family. Marriage is partnership and oneness. Love you my darlings.”

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