“If na Nigeria we dey, hand for touch am” – UK-based Nigerian man overheard expressing desire to assault lady, wishes for lack of consequences in UK

A UK-based Nigerian man expressed his frustration towards a lady, stating that if they were in Nigeria, he would physically assault her.

The incident has once again brought attention to the pervasive issue of abuse and the enabling environment that seems to exist in certain societies.

The incident was shared on Twitter by user @MadamNkesi, who lamented how the Nigerian man’s comments exemplify the prevailing attitudes and challenges faced by victims of abuse.

She noted that this incident is indicative of the broader societal problem in Nigeria, where abusers often go unpunished due to a lack of consequences and accountability.

According to @MadamNkesi’s tweet, she overheard the man expressing his anger towards a female coworker who had upset him.

He wrote;

“I overheard somebody complain about how a girl pissed him off at his job today. Then he goes “if na Nigeria we dey, hand for touch am” this is an example of how our society has created an enabling environment for abusers to thrive.”

“We’re in the UK and he knows that his life can change the instant he physically assaults her so he knew to exercise self control. This is a shame to both the Nigerian police and Nigerians that created this atmosphere for abusers to do harm without consequence.”

This comment implies that the man recognized the legal and social repercussions he would face in the UK, which served as a deterrent to his violent intentions.

See below;

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