“If love birds like Banky W and Adesua can break up, I’ll never believe in love again” – Nigerian lady cries out

Recent social media chatter has sparked speculation regarding the relationship of popular Nigerian couple Banky W and Adesua, causing concerns among fans and followers.

The rumors, which revolve around alleged infidelity, have prompted mixed reactions and even led one Nigerian lady to voice her disillusionment with love.

"If love birds like Banky and Adesua can break up, I'll never believe in love again - Nigerian lady cries out
A photo of a Nigerian lady who is displaying her worries regarding the relationship of the couple’s. Photo Credit: @thatdammygirlie Source: Twitter

The post by Nigerian lady @thatdammygirlie expressing her disbelief in love if Banky W and Adesua were to break up quickly gained traction and sparked discussions across various social media platforms.

Although the specific infidelity allegations were not explicitly mentioned in the post, it has ignited curiosity and generated a wave of speculation among fans and followers of the celebrity couple.

Banky W and Adesua, who are widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s beloved celebrity couples, have been open about their relationship and have garnered a significant following for their love story.

"If love birds like Banky and Adesua can break up, I'll never believe in love again - Nigerian lady cries out
A photo of the Nigerian couple, Banky W and Adesua, who a Nigerian lady expressed worries about their relationship. Photo Credit: @bankywellington Source: Instagram

As news of the alleged infidelity rumors circulate, fans have expressed their concerns and offered varying opinions on the matter.

Some are quick to defend the couple, emphasizing the need to respect their privacy and urging others not to jump to conclusions based on unsubstantiated claims.

Others have expressed disappointment and disillusionment, echoing the sentiment shared by the Nigerian lady on her Twitter page.

Netizen Reactions…

@teejay_zaddy said; “Your mother own no suppose motivate you?”

@Phveektordrayne wrote; “Na your boyfriend wey no see better person date I pity”

@onyinyeeeee wrote; “Una no Dey use una parents marriage as yardstick why?”

@bolinga_junior said; “No marriage on earth is perfect it takes alot of sacrifices and the God’s grace to keep a family united.”

@gamawealth wrote; “Use me as Imao button”

@ifeyinwa_joy_chiamonwu said; “Y’all should use your parents that’s been married for 40 to 50 years as a yardstick for a successful marriage. Not some celebrities Y’all know nothing about”

@KhaleedSZN wrote; “The one wey you parents dey do na skit?”

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