“If I survive, I go happy” – Man shares final text from girlfriend before demise

A young Nigerian man lives on with the memory of his late girlfriend as he shares the tear-jerking last text he received prior to her demise.

A Tiktok user identified as @enibeeika took to the platform to reflect on the pain he felt in the last moments of his girlfriend.

"If I survive, I go happy" - Man shares final text from girlfriend before her demise
The late girlfriend. Credit: enibeeika / Instagram.

From the chats, the young lady was supposedly sick and had battled the ailment for a while in severe pain, leaving her with fears of dying.

In the chat, she made worrisome remarks about being dead while also stating how happy she’d be if she miraculously survived the illness.

Unfortunately, she lost the battle at some point, leaving her boyfriend and all her loved ones with a scar to carry on forever.

See the chat exchange below …

"If I survive, I go happy" - Man shares final text from girlfriend before her demise

See some reactions that followed …

Gun shot survivor said: “This made me cry this was exactly how I felt when I got shot at the back. Am thankful I survived may we never experience pain.”

Mhiz Joy said: “I really cried when she said if I die una go forget person.”

EVERYTHINGBYFAVE said: “Before someone dies they have the feeling.” Abbey said: “She was so scared of death.”

ZADDY said: “So painful, I remember how friendly you are when we still schooling, continue resting Esther so sorry we are not able to safe you.”

OLAMI POSI said: “GOD why Esther why Busayo why ahhhh it’s 2month you left us now….can’t forget you seriously such a respectful girl death why.”

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