I’d Rather Be A Single Mom With Many Baby Daddies Than Be A Breadwinner In A Marriage- Facebook Influencer, Amanda Chisom Reveals

A social media influencer, by name Amanda Chisom has aired her view on women being the breadwinner in a family.

Amanda Chisom isn't Breadwinner

Amanda Chisom, who seems not to be comfortable with the idea of women turning out to be the breadwinner in their family, has spoken boldly against it. In her opinion, it is better for her to be a single mother, with a whole lot of baby daddies, than being the provider of the daily bread in a family.

In her words:“I don’t want to consider how anyone takes it, but me personally, any marriage that will turn me into the breadwinner will not work. I rather stay single and have three baby daddies. My opinion oh, respect it.”

Amanda Chisom isn't Breadwinner

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