Ibrahim Suleiman highlights key quality to beware of in people 

Popular Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Suleiman has provided insights on a crucial quality to be cautious of in people.

In a post on his X page, the popular actor advised his fans and followers beware of people who repeatedly share or repost other people’s opinions on their timelines.

Ibrahim Suleiman
Ibrahim Suleiman.

According to him, these set of people lack as they share only very few tweets of their own.

In his words: “Beware of people whose TLs are full of them constantly retweeting the thoughts and opinions of others, and very few actual tweets of their own.They tend to lack spine.”

Taking to his comment section, the actor quickly responded to critics who clearly misunderstood his post.

He wrote: “1. There is a difference between “quoting” and “retweeting”

2. The tweet is clearly not an absolute statement.

But na twitter. So not surprised 🤣🤣🤣”

Read some reactions from netizens

Big Smile Lee said: “It’s usually spineless people who recognise others like them.”

Delani said: “Your metric for having a spine or not is interestingly ridiculous  😂”

Devine Innocent said: “Nawa oh. I think say I Dey help una, I no know say una think say I no get spine. I go still repost this one sha”

Pampered by Abba queried: “So you wanna bring a bomb to a pillow fight? Is that we all are doing now?🤣🤣 You’re so right!”


Ibrahim Suleiman highlights key quality to beware of in people