“I would give up all I have to spend days like this again” – Chuddy K remembers late wife

Nigerian singer, Chukwudi Ken Agali, well-known by his stage name, Chuddy K is heartbroken as he remembers his late wife, Rachael.

Recall that the singer’s wife passed away from cancer in January 2023.

Chuddy K

Chuddy shared the tragic news along with a photo of his wife on his Instagram page, highlighting her valiant battle for survival.

He did, however, say that he choose to think that God had summoned his wife rather than that she had passed away from cancer.

Chuddy K shared a memory of him with his wife and children, pointing out that they were content even though they didn’t have all they needed.

Chuddy K's family

The singer went on to say that he would give everything up to spend more days like these with his wife.

In his words: “We did not have all the things we wanted but we were happy. I would give up all I have to spend days like this again”.