“I won’t pay him a dime” – Blessing CEO revisits issue with tattoo artist, carpets VeryDarkman

Socialite, Blessing CEO revisits her issue with a tattoo artist who called her out for refusing to pay for his services as she gives detail of their encounter, shades VeryDarkman in the process.

She made a mention of this in a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats.

It would be recalled that she had spoken on how the artist traveled from Lagos to Enugu on a flight without telling her and demanded that she takes the bill for that too.

In the interview, Blessing CEO vowed not to pay him since the tattoo artist had dragged her on social media.

Blessing CEO VeryDarkman tattoo artist
Socialite, Blessing CEO. Photo Source: Google.

Blessing said,

“I told him (tattoo artist) not to come to Enugu when he told me he was in Lagos because I could not bear the cost. He booked a flight without informing me and only sent evidence while at the airport. He also left without completing the tattoos. I continuously asked him the cost, but he did not respond until two days later when he told me the tattoo cost N250,000, while his flight ticket cost N252,000.

“While speaking to the person who connected me to him, the tattooist said he was going to drag me on social media and I said, ‘Game on’. The truth is I won’t pay him a dime again.”

VeryDarkman blessing ceo tattoo artist
Influencer, VeryDarkman. Photo Source: Google.

She also spoke on her online beef with VeryDarkman. Blessing noted that she doesn’t have any personal issues with the bodybuilder except for his defamatory speeches against women.

Blessing added;

“I don’t have any personal beef with Very Dark Black Man, I am just airing my opinions. He is fond of making defamatory posts against women. So, when I saw him, I decided to make a video of him, because he was looking very dirty. Many people said I was broke-shaming him, but that is not the case. When one says one’s opinions, it will look as if one is a hater. Why doesn’t he drag the likes of Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy?”

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