Viral News “I wish I can find love in my poverty” – Nigerian man...

“I wish I can find love in my poverty” – Nigerian man says as he shares photos of his house


A Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to share his plight with Nigerians on social media after being unable to find love due to his ‘poor’ status.

The young man identified as Aliyu Ibrahim said he has been searching for true love but he hasn’t been able to find a girl that really loves him because he hasn’t made money yet.

He said he has been receiving insults from ladies he approached for friendship, but he won’t relent. According to him, if he can’t find love now that he is poor, then he won’t love again if he becomes rich tomorrow.

He also took to a relationship page on Facebook, where he shared photos of his house and revealed that that he is searching for love.


  1. Love is priceless my dear, And I want you to know that you’re being Loved😘😘😘 Don’t Worry soon, and very soon. You’re gonna find a woman who’s gonna Genuinely love you for who you’re, and not for what you have🙏🙏🙏


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