“I will never change anything about me or my activism” – Iyabo Ojo bids emotional goodbye to age 45

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo has bade her final goodbye to her 45th year few hours to her 46th birthday.

In her 45th chapter, the mother of two wrote an epistle detailing the lessons she had learned, the enemies she had made, the unexpected friends she had made, and the success she had attained.

Iyabo Ojo
Iyabo Ojo

She is appreciative of everyone who stuck by her and helped her through the harsh criticism she endured throughout the year.

Iyabo Ojo said that despite her flaws, she has learned a lot. These lessons include never giving up on her convictions, sticking to her principles no matter what, maintaining focus in the face of adversity, and, above all, never giving up when things get tough.

Iyabo Ojo’s lengthy farewell to her 45th year

She wrote: “Today ends 45, and I’m looking back to all i have achieved, no losses. i will say, indeed, I’m blessed. Thank you, Lord 🙏I’m not perfect, but in my imperfection, i have learnt never to give up on my beliefs and to always stand and fight for what i believe in no matter the amount of backlash that may come, i have also learnt to stay focus during my storm, not allowing the noisy and distractions pull me down.

“Most importantly, i have learnt that in your lowest never fall of guide, be prepared, expect the unexpected bcos your frenemies and hidden enemies will always use that moment to come for you, guide your emotions and be ready.

“It’s ok to be different It’s ok to make mistakes It’s ok to be misunderstood It’s ok to say sorry It’s ok not to know it all
It’s ok to also stand your grounds It’s ok to be bold It’s ok to lend your voice
It only means you’re human and unique, Iyabo

“I will never change anything about me or my activism. God created me this way, and i love all of me and all of me. To everyone who has been supportive and a blessing to me, i say thank you, to my haters, I’m going to keep being a voice, so guide your heart against heart attack, To all the brands i influence for, thank you for believing in me. Bye 45…… 46 loading”


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