“I just wasted 4 years in school” – Man heartbroken as he fails simple job interview question; the question stuns many

A Nigerian man opened up about his post-graduation experience, revealing an unexpected challenge during a job interview where he struggled to explain the meaning of his major, microbiology.

The incident, narrated by the man identified as @anthonioclever on social media platform X, has caused a buzz online.

@anthonioclever, who proudly disclosed that he earned a second-class upper degree in Microbiology, shared the amusing story on social media.

The graduate, 18 months post-graduation, decided to explore job opportunities in his field of study.

However, the funny twist unfolded when he found himself unable to articulate the basic definition of microbiology during the interview.

The disappointed graduate recounted his job interview experience, stating, “Interview question, what is microbiology? I had forgotten.”

Despite his academic achievements, the lapse in recalling the fundamental concept of his major left him flustered.

In his words;

“18 months after graduating with a microbiology first degree (2’1), decided to try a job in that field. Interview question, what is microbiology? I had forgotten. So on my way back home, I branch Chicken Republic to celebrate the waste of 4 years.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Anthionioclever said; “Wait, I don’t understand? Isn’t it straight forward?”

@ColeSemande reacted; “Àre you still in microbiology field?”

@Glorious_gee replied; “Haven’t laughed this hard in a while.”

@Gigi_herrlich wrote; “6 years after graduation even tho I was a useless student I still remember o.”

@prissyswt_ reacted; “Studied history and international studies. Someone once asked about my course of study, and I told him, next thing he asked me was “tell me about the history of Nigeria” I was blank! There and then I knew I had probably wasted my 4 years.”

@TobiTes_ commented; “This is hilarious.

See below;

"I wasted 4 years in school" - Man heartbroken as he fails simple job interview question; the question stuns many

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