“I was traumatized after escaping assassination attack” – Angela Okorie

Veteran movie star, Angela Okorie speaks on suffering intense Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD after she survived an assassination attempt on her life three years ago.

She had been attacked by some unknown assailants in December 2019, and she had made it out with her life intact.

I was traumatised after escaping assassination attack – Actress Angela Okorie
Angela Okorie. Photo Source: Instagram.

The Nollywood actress revealed that she had been suffering insomnia and acute stress disorder following the incident and she was under constant protection.

Speaking in a podcast hosted by Iyabo Ojo, she had alleged that the attempt on her life had possibly been sponsored by someone in the movie industry.

She said: “I went through hell. We were actually coming from a show when we were attacked by gunmen. It was very traumatizing. For three good years, it was hard for me to have a relationship or do anything.

“I had PTSD. And then I developed insomnia, shock disorder, and all that. I had to always move around with security. It’s so embarrassing because there are some places you want to go to that you don’t need security but because I was traumatized, I don’t know who was about to shoot me again. So I had to.

“It was an assassination attack sponsored by someone in the movie industry. It’s from the industry because we were coming from a show.”

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