“I was never arrested in UK” – Peter Obi speaks regarding alleged arrest in the UK

The recent news about the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, being detained at a UK airport has been debunked by Obi himself. In an interview with Arise TV on Monday night, Obi clarified that he was not detained but rather stopped for a routine immigration check.

The former governor of Anambra State disclosed that the immigration check lasted for less than 20 minutes, and he was treated with due respect and VIP treatment. He attributed the incident to the duplication of his identity by someone.

Peter Obi

Obi emphasized that he was never arrested, and the immigration officials only wanted to verify his identity.

He noted that he was given VIP treatment throughout the process, contrary to the reports circulating on social media.

Obi said, “I was stopped for a routine immigration check in the UK because it appears that my identity was duplicated by someone. I was never arrested. I was treated with due respect and walked through the VIP process. Everything lasted less than 20 minutes.”

The clarification by Obi has put to rest the rumors and speculations that he was detained by UK immigration officials. It highlights the importance of verifying news before circulating it on social media to avoid spreading false information.

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