“I stopped smoking weed due to anxiety; I only smoke cigarettes” – Bella Shmurda reiterates

Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has reaffirmed that anxiousness is the reason behind his desire to give up smoking weed.

You may recall that during an interview with the UK’s “In My Opinion” podcast, the singer was invited to reveal a personal detail that some people would find surprising about him.

Bella Shmurda
Bella Shmurda

He confirmed that he used to smoke weed but had to quit because of anxiety and fear for the future.

Bella Shmurda reiterated that he had to give up smoking weed three years ago since it bothers him so much.

Whenever he smokes weed, he is not himself and he feels lost. In addition, he finds it difficult to engage in deep conversations with others without getting agitated.

He recalled spending a thousand pounds on weed which is why quitting weed is one of the most happiest decision he has ever made. Now, he easily gets by with cigarettes and liquor.


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