“I pay salaries of 100 people despite not having degree” – Davido’s manager Asa

Asa Asika, a prominent Nigerian talent manager and the manager of superstar singer Davido, recently celebrated his personal growth and success, highlighting that he achieved it without a university certificate.

In an interview with social media influencer Smart Money Arese, the 32-year-old entrepreneur revealed that despite not possessing a degree, he is responsible for the monthly salaries of over a hundred employees.

"I pay salaries of 100 people despite not having degree" – Davido’s manager Asa
A photo of Asa Asika, who celebrated his personal growth and success without a university certificate. Photo Credit:@asaasika Source: Instagram

Asa, who dropped out of university, now runs multiple entertainment and management companies.

During the interview, he emphasized that everyone’s journey is unique and that there is no predetermined path to success.

Contrary to popular belief, he demonstrated that educational qualifications are not the sole determinant of achievement.

He said;

I have no regret as most of my close friends earn ‘peanuts’ despite being Ph.D. holders.”

He further added, “Without being condescending or trying to sound cocky, I have friends who have gone to school and have Ph.Ds now and they are working a 9 to 5 and making peanuts.”