“I owe you no loyalty, I’m not your wife” – Baby mama tells baby daddy after sleeping with his uncle (Video)

In a widely circulated video on Twitter, a woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, engaged in a heated conversation with her child’s father.

The video gained significant attention as it showcased a tense confrontation between the two individuals.

Baby mama

The footage captured an unidentified man, his face concealed, challenging the woman about her alleged involvement with his uncle.

In response, the woman fearlessly confronted the man, emphasizing that she owed him no loyalty.

She made it clear that she was neither his wife nor girlfriend, highlighting the absence of any committed relationship between them.

However, the man argued that he financially supported their household, claiming to shoulder the bills.

He went on to add that eventually, he would open and expose her dealings to the world due to her behavior and attitude.

Undeterred, the woman countered his statement by asserting that there were several other aspects in which he fell short of meeting their needs.

The baby mama went on to call him names for threatening her.


Baby mama uncle baby daddy


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