I never said women should be allowed to have two husbands – Susan Peters

Actress Susan Peters has denied saying women should be allowed to have two husbands.

She had earlier sparked a lot of controversies when she shared a post that many took to mean an advocacy for women to have more than one husband.

Women should be allowed to marry two husbands in case thunder fires one. Would life be better? Just asking for a friend”, she shared.

Susan Peters has now clarified the post which went viral. According to her, she never advocated for women to have two husbands. Her words were twisted by blogs to gain traffic.

She wrote: “Una do well with this caption o, what I said versus what you people wrote because u want to drag traffic to your blogs . Please be careful, read what I wrote on that post . And i said WILL LIFE BE BETTER ? DOES THAT MEAN I SAID WOMEN SHOULD MARRY TWO HUSBANDS ?
KEY BOARD WARRIORS MAKE UNA FREE ME !!! See me see local trouble, please read what I wrote on the actual post before using my name to sell news. Be warned !!!”

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