“I married a man who would rather do this than fraud” – Lady praises husband

A Nigerian lady publicly showers accolades on her husband whom she described as the most honest and hardworking individual who would do any menial job to provide rather than commit fraud.

A social media user identified as Mrs Zanga on the microblogging platform, X, shared a touching description about her husband.

mr and mrs zanga

Sharing photos of him doing different menial jobs, the lady emphasized his integrity and undying support towards their family.

In a post that has since generated over a million impressions on social media, the lady refused to back down despite negative comments from trolls.

“I married a man who would rather do this to provide for his family than do fraud. I married a man who you can trust with your building projects. He’s accountable. I married a man that knows the value of every single penny and can bring value for money. He’s reliable,” she wrote.

"I married a man who would rather do this than fraud" - Lady praises her man

Reactions as lady praises husband who would do anything job other than fraud

TWKlint stated: “I just love the love btw u and ur family. Na so e suppose dey be.’

empopson opined: “Everything no be for social media.. There are many men doing worse work than this.”

OfficialEl6 said: “Una go divorce soon Amen 🙏.”

Big_graceee said: “Haha funny thing is he might be even working for a fraud boy 😂.”

ChrityLomo wrote: “We still have some guys that do legit business and job to survive in this country, like my husband,he can not do any illegal business,he is a tiler and he know his job well.”

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