I love DonJazzy so much, I don’t think I tell him enough – Rema says, DonJazzy reacts

Ace Nigerian singer, DonJazzy, has reacted after his signee, Rema expressed his feelings towards him in a recent interview.

In an interview with Afrobeats Podcast, Rema had talked about his boss DonJazzy and how he feels towards him.

Rema revealed that he loves DonJazzy so much and he feels sad about the fact that he doesn’t get to express how much he loves and appreciates him.

Reacting to Rema’s disclosure, DonJazzy posted the video with the caption:

“Awww who is cutting onions here o. I overlove you too. Let me go and watch the whole interview on YouTube. You should too. There is always a thing or 2 to learn from Rema.”

Watch the video here:

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