“I have high libido, I can have sex every day” – Daniel Etim-Effiong

Director and actor Daniel Etim-Effiong, has opened up about his sex life as he says he can have sex every day because of his high libido.

He went on to say that even in improbable situations, like waking up out of a deep sleep, he is always prepared to have a sexual encounter.

The actor during a recent interview on Off Air episode featuring Toolz and Gbemi. claimed to have a strong libido and be capable of making love every day.

"I have high libido, I can have sex every day" – Daniel Etim-Effiong
Daniel Etim, Nollywood actor and director. source: Google

Using his own life as a point of reference, Daniel Etim-Effiong responded;

“I am a Calabar man, it means that my libido is quite high. I could be sleeping and you can wake me up at any time and I’m ready so I can have sex every day.”

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