“I have a child for 4 married men” – Lady seeks advice on getting share of their property, raises concern on DNA test

An anonymous lady shared her experience through a Facebook page requesting the advice of the public regarding her relationship with 4 married men.

The lady whose name or identity wasn’t revealed claims to be in relationship with 4 married men and wants the public to help her on how to acquire the properties of these men if they happen to die at a later time without her going through any stress of conducting DNA test.

The post shared on her behalf by Auntie Momoza, a relationship account on Facebook reads “Please keep me anonymous. I am 25 and my son is 11 months old.”

“I was dating 4 married men aged between 55 and 61 when I fell pregnant. I told all of them that they are the father and they accepted responsibility because they thought I was faithful.”

“Two are here in Gauteng, one in Limpopo and the 4th one in Free State. The two in Gauteng broke up with me after I fell pregnant but continued to send money during my pregnancy and are taking care of my child. I get R3000 and R3500 from them every month.”

“Free State one is rich, so he sends R5000 for his son and R10 000 for me every month.”

“The Limpopo one doesn’t give me money but I have one of his bank cards which I use to buy my baby things.”

“Before you judge me, I’m using this money to pay for my studies and to give my son the best in life.”

“I’m a 3rd year student. My question is if these men die, can I claim money from their estate on behalf of my son even if their families don’t know me? Will they demand paternity tests?”