“I had 2 expensive cars at the age of 24, but women finished me” – Nigerian Man cries out in pains [Video]

In a recently shared video, a Nigerian man opened up about his past experiences with women, particularly during his time at 24 years old.

He passionately expressed his regrets, likening women to influential figures and mentioning his possession of a land in Kaduna and two valuable cars, including a Honda.

Unfortunately, his life took a downturn due to his relationships with women.

He revealed that in his youth, he resided in Kaduna in a government-provided residence, enjoying affluence.

However, his reckless behavior led to the squandering of his resources.

This confession garnered significant attention, as people flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on his narrative and his history of indiscretion.

See some reactions below: 

leeeymarrrrh: “If you keep hearing these old people past experience you won’t want to marry and it is a lie .. like they might have had options not to marry that particular person but they were so hot headed.”

harry_walter123: “Womanizing costs a lot o. Get yourself a good woman and stay away from other girls. Nothing really dey outside. A good woman would help you achieve everything but a woman who has nothing to lose, would help you lose everything.”

kvnglammie_: “If you prioritize women over your hustle, it can never end well for you. Know this and know peace.”

bright___r: “Womanizing is so expensive! Get yourself a good lady and build together cause nothing dey outside again o.”

youngcabraofficial: “My own if money doesn’t stress me woman can’t stress me….make money leave woman alone if you get GF stay one place if u no get no dey do hook-up HUSTLE WEREY.”


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