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“I find it unromantic when my date asks that we split bill” – Lady says

A lady has said that her romantic interest in a man dies a premature death when the man she’s out on a date with requests that they split the bill.

Lady splitting bills unromantic The lady identified on Twitter as Oyinda said that she has no qualms with splitting bills because she can afford to take herself out.

However, she finds it unromantic when the man asks that they split the bill; she said that she begins to see the person more like a friend rather than having any romantic interest in him.

She wrote:

“The problem isn’t splitting bills on dates cos I’m not a hungry babe, eating out is my forte with or without man.

The problem is my brain struggles to continue to see you as a romantic interest after we split bills. We are buddies now, might as well fist bump before we call it a night.”

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