Entertainment News ‘I dreamt I was pregnant’ – Bobrisky says as he narrates his...

‘I dreamt I was pregnant’ – Bobrisky says as he narrates his dream


Bobrisky has mastered the art of being a controversial celebrity in Nigeria. While many people are yet to get over his effeminate traits, his statements on gender-based issues often leave people wondering.

Just recently, he left many people amused and perhaps some, irritated, after he took to his IG page to post about the dream he had last night.

According to the transvestite, he dreamed on being pregnant and was rushed to the hospital were he gave birth to a baby girl.

“Good morning… my house help woke me up about 20min ago. I dreamt I was pregnant ? and everybody on ig was shouting jezzzz how did Bobrisky get pregnant. To cut the story short I saw myself at the hospital with my baby girl beside me. Only for me to see my bestie beside me @tontolet shouting congratulations . I was wondering how I delivered the baby. I asked the doctor ? if I push or how did I delivered the baby. The doctor was just smiling ?”, he wrote.


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