“I don’t have a creator, I was conceived and given birth to” — Activist, Bisi Alimi claims

Nigerian activist, Bisi Alimi has said that he doesn’t have a creator; but rather he is a product of the s3x between his parents.

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi took to his social media page on Monday, September 6, to disclose this to his followers.

He had hosted a Question & Answer session on his page where he answered several questions from his new followers.

A follower then asked him: “Did u think that your creator (God) hates u for being a TB?”

Bisi Alimi

Taking to his InstaStories, Bisi Alimi replied:

“I don’t have a creator, my mother had s3x with my father and I was conceived and given birth to. I am a product of s3x and not of creation”

According to him, his existence as a human on Earth is not as a result of creation but simply the intercourse that happened between his mom and dad.

See his post below:

Bisi Alimi

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