“I died for 10 minutes, my lungs had collapsed” – Toyin Lawani recounts

Toyin Lawani, a celebrity fashion stylist and reality TV star, has confessed that she was dead for 10 minutes after her lungs collapsed during surgery.

The Real Housewives of Lagos star shared this in an Instagram post on Friday, December 15, along with the fact that she was suffering from a brain-related disease that required surgery.

Toyin stated that she was suffering from a “degenerative spine and a cyst in my brain” and that she had to undergo many surgeries.

The mother of three shared a video recording of her medical journey leading up to the operation, as well as the agony she had before and after the procedure.

"I died for 10 minutes, my lungs had collapsed" – Toyin Lawani recounts
Toyin Lawani, Fashionista. source: Instagram

Recounting, her experience, she wrote;

“I legitimately died for a whole 10mins. While I was pregnant for (sic) My daughter @kingtinukeleota, I started having serious, Neck/back/leg pains.”

“And it got to a time I would get paralyzed on the left side of my body and wouldn’t be able to move at all, I was on painkiller injections all through.”

“Even while shooting, it was hell doing those diaries sessions. I was later diagnosed with a Degenerative spine and a cyst in my Brain.”

“Guys I died for a whole 10 minutes before they were able to bring me back, My lungs collapsed. I developed edema and from fixing artificial implants in my spine to be able to walk properly again, went to developed complications that got me on a tracheostomy tube for 3 months.”

“I have had 3 surgeries so far and two more to go so I can breathe well by myself and speak well again, So when you hear me speak and make fun of it know I’m a survivor and I went through a lot, I forgive your negative speeches though.”

“But it is only a reflection of what you are being sold. To the extent that they will be tweeting Tiannah lies about everything, from pregnancy to having neck pains.”

“Not your fault I blame the twats on that toxic show, pray for Grace that u can be as strong as I am in the face of death.”

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