“I cry for my money” – Nigerian man causes stir, shows off ordered bag vs. received bag from a merchant website

A Nigerian man made a post of the bag he ordered from a merchant website and the one he received.

Afterward, he shared a video detailing the products on social media.

In the video, the young man was seen holding the bag he received from an unnamed merchant website and the bag he originally ordered.

Man shows off ordered received merchant website

The video clearly highlights the difference between what he ordered and what he received, leading him to burst into laughter.

The caption of the video reads, “Please don’t order from useless people,” as a warning to the public to be cautious of merchant websites.

Concerned individuals reacted to the product by taking to the comment section of the post to share their opinions about the product and similar ones.

See some reactions below:

CANAVARRO: “‎I other my own for 100gh from jumia I cry for my money.”

Faith Garba317: “‎nah God help me oo, I want order that bag from jumia tomorrow oo. thank you so much for this video.”

babyfaceever: “It has happened to me twice , I can’t try it anymore , I ordered bag rack they bring rope, and transparent bag dey brought baby bag. it painf.”

chosen Vessel: “‎eiiii seriously. I Neary ordered one from a friend’s page .it’s even a pretty oder o.”

kingsco: “‎it happened to ne ,, that day I feel like crying blood… and the delivery man had left already.”

Miriam: “‎The same thing happened to me…My brother warned me but I refuse to listen.”

tblezmichael2: “‎nah so I order one bag like that con see the yeye bag wey them give me I never use am wey all the zip don spoil finish.”



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