“I cried when my daughter took her father’s last name instead of mine” – Davido’s baby mama, Sophia

First baby mama of a popular Afrobeat singer, Sophia Momodu expresses resentment at the decision of her daughter, Imade Adeleke taking the last name of her father and not hers.

sophia momodu imade

Imade who was welcomed with Davido in 2015 out of wedlock caused her mother a bit of headache on the idea of her baby girl taking Adeleke’s name instead of Momodu.

Sophia took to her Instagram page to express how hard it was for her at first to swallow such a pill while pulling her feminism card especially because her mother and aunties laughed at her counter-decision.

davido imade

In her words;

“I remember my mom & aunties laughing at me when I was crying because my daughter’s last name wasn’t going to be Momodu so I was genuinely distraught • I was even arguing & everything that they put her fathers full names & not a single letter from mined) Pulled out my feminist card & everything.. Z! E pain me gan that year sha awn.”

"I cried when my daughter took her father's name" - Davido's baby mama, Sophia Momodu

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