“I cheated on my husband because of his small manhood, one-minute performance” – Woman proudly confesses

A Ghanaian woman has openly admitted to cheating on her husband, attributing her infidelity to his small manhood and short-lasting performance in bed.

The admission came during a live radio show, where she initially denied the accusations but later confessed after a recording was played.

The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, shared that she engaged in an extramarital affair with a spare parts dealer employed at Suame Magazine.

"I cheated on my husband because of his small manhood, one-minute performance" - Woman proudly confesses

She explained that dissatisfaction with her husband’s intimate abilities led her to seek a more fulfilling relationship outside of her marriage.

One of the startling claims made by the woman was that her husband lasted only one minute in bed and suffered from a hernia that produced distracting noises during their intimate moments.

The woman’s mother, present in the studio during the broadcast, surprisingly defended her daughter’s actions.

The mother argued that a young woman like her daughter should be allowed to enjoy sex, and the fact that her husband’s manhood is small shouldn’t restrict her from finding a bigger one outside.

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