“I can’t be with someone with such low self-respect” – Lady considers dumping boyfriend for begging rent money from ex-girlfriend

A lady contemplates breaking up with her boyfriend because he asked for financial assistance from his ex-girlfriend, whom he had claimed to hate.

The disgruntled lady shared her plight on an online relationship platform.

According to the lady, her boyfriend had always talked about how he hated his ex girlfriend and how he regretted meeting her.

She said that she had believed him since sometimes people meet people who turn out to be problems.

However, she chanced upon a chat between her boyfriend and his hated ex girlfriend.

The narrator revealed that in it, he was begging the lady money for rent which the ex didn’t give him.

She revealed that she had felt deeply embarrassed by what she saw and cannot imagine herself being with someone who has no self-respect.

See her narration below:

“This guy I’m datingt always talk bad about his ex say he hate the girl he regret meeting her and etc I believed him cause I know how girls can be toxic sometimes I thought they even stoped talking cause of the way he talk bad about her I just checked this guy phone recently Omoo my boyfriend is in ex girlfriend dm begging for money for house rent. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life the ex no con give am join he con Dey preach he disgust me now iswr I don’t know if it’s enough reason to break up with someone cause I have always respected myself a lot I can’t imagine been with someone that has low self respect iswr all my life Na only girls I know say Dey bill I no know say boys Dey bill there ex oo”

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