“I can buy cars for every Zeh Nation artiste” – Portable boasts, expresses fear of being used and dumped after fame

Nigerian singer, Portable has made a bold statement, expressing his capability to purchase cars for every artist under Zeh Nation.

However, he also voiced concerns about the possibility of being used and abandoned once he achieves fame.

Buy cars Zeh Nation artiste Portable
Nigerian singer, Portable.

The statement from the singer follows the recent departure of Young Duu from his Zehh Nation record label.

Prior to Young Duu’s exit, he had gifted a car to Portable, but due to a sour relationship and alleged alliances with Portable’s enemies, the car was taken back.

Portable discussed his ability to support the needs of his artists, even sending them abroad, saying, “I can buy cars for every artist in Zeh Nation and send them to London or Europe, but most of them will use me as a stepping stone and run away.”

His statement has stirred discussions among people who have shared their opinions in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

@GeminiForAll: “Portable mind Never Touch Ground Since Youngdu don step up.”

@Sophiecassy0: “Portable yung duu go blow nothing you one do about it. Everybody loves you but make we love ham too no be only you go dy chop that wahala money.”

@QuoHasx: “Didn’t he use others as a stepping before he got to where he is today?”

@kaizy4hunnid: “Shey no be you carry contract book fall out here which day?”

@Snoopy_Bender: “The mistake he do with Youngdu, e no wan try am again. Snake no Dey bite person for one place twice.”