“I beg men to look at my face” – Njideka George says, reveals bra size struggle

Nollywood actress, Njideka George candidly opens up on the challenges of finding her bra size and the advantages of being a well-endowed woman.

Addressing how her substantial bosom has impacted her life, both positively and negatively, as a woman and actress, she emphasized the dual nature of the experience.

Njideka George

In a video posted on various social platforms, the curvaceous Igbo actress reiterated her acknowledgement of her thick figure.

Njideka George further expressed contentment with her body, recognizing the multitude of blessings it brings along with some less encouraging aspects.

“Everything I wear is revealing because I’m a busty lady. Of course, people always ask questions. I’m not bothered that I look big up, and look small down. I don’t have business handless clothes and I don’t like bras but I have to wear them.

“Finding my bra size is almost possible, so when I eventually find one that fits I buy two or three of it even if it’s the same colour. Of course, as a busty babe, I don’t have a big bum yet women and men are attracted to me. Even if you are dying, I have to wear a bra before I can come and save you. When people see me they start shouting ‘Opor’.

“I’m not fazed that I have dark lines on my shoulder due to straps. As a busty woman, I have to beg men to look at my face and forget about my breasts. When I go to the market, all these Igbo boys start shouting “ Nkiruka, Nkiruka, Nkiruka.” Me, back pain and chest pain are 5 and 6.

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