“I became an armed robber due to hike in fuel price” – Bolt driver confesses

A bolt driver by the name, Jeremiah Adeniran has been apprehended by the police after he reportedly robbed some of his passengers.

Mr Adeniran confessed to the deed while being paraded by the Ikeja State Police Command head office on Friday, noting that he had been pushed into robbery by the the hike in fuel prices.

Bolt driver fuel hike robbery
Bolt driver.

While speaking to journalists at the Police headquarters, the bolt driver maintained that he was only a beginner in the criminal act. He added that his other two accomplices usually lay in wait along the road to perform the robbery.

He stated …

“Before, I could do 15 trips a day, but after the rise in fuel prices, my business was no longer moving as I wanted, so I ventured into robbery.”

Additionally, the bolt driver noted that since he started last month, he had only robbed three individuals who boarded his car. He was apprehended on Saturday when one of his robbery victims recognized his face in a shop and raised alarm.

“On Saturday morning, I entered a shop, and I saw the lady I picked up and robbed a day before. She instantly recognised me because I was not putting on a nose mask. She raised the alarm, and that was how I was arrested and taken to Ikotun police station,” he added.

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