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‘I am not perfect’ – Yvonne Nelson says as she shows off blemished skin

People are quick to say that nobody is perfect, yet, they expect perfection from others especially those in the limelight like celebrities.

Many celebrities have been pushed to living fake lives just to live up to the standard fans have set for them. It all starts with innocently removing their blemishes in photos through the use of filters then it gradually advances to something else.

Well, pretty Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has taken to social media via her Instagram page to address this. According to the mother of one, she is not perfect.

Nelson revealed this after sharing different photos of herself, some showing her clear skin and one showing her blemishes.

In the caption of the post she wrote: “This is a sincere and an honest post. Calm down young girl, I AM NOT PERFECT , we aren’t perfect. Don’t push too hard to be perfect physically…..it’s ok to feel inadequate sometimes, we are only human…..Put that energy into educating yourself.

Use the part of the body many forget to use, THE BRAIN, use it to its fullest, read, explore, Smile, speak up, don’t be afraid, breathe…. and know this one thing you are perfect in God’s eyes, you are different and that makes you unique.

Never try to be someone else, don’t let them distract you! God has tailored your journey for YOU. Sending my love to you all. SMILE❤️❤️❤️YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️❤️. ( bottom photos have snapchat filters on / top photos are raw , No make up, no wigs ) i decided to use everyday photos.”


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