“I am in a number of situationships with men for different reasons” – Moet Abebe

Famous radio presenter, Moet Abebe delves into her relationship life as she declares being in multiple ‘situationships’ with different men for different reasons.

During a recent podcast discussion on Bahd & Boujee with reality star, Tolani Baj, Moet Abebe expressed her perspectives on dating and relationships.

"I am in a number of situationships with men for different reasons" - Moet Abebe
Moet Abebe

Moet Abebe, who has been gaining attention for her insights on relationships in recent times, disclosed that, as a single woman residing in Lagos, she maintains distinct relationships with multiple men for various purposes.

In the interview, she openly shared that she has been involved in several ‘situationships’ and that she feels a physical attraction to each of them.

However, Moet Abebe also mentioned having a personal favourite among them, and all these connections bring different elements to her life, including financial stability.

Nevertheless, she confidently emphasized that she remains single and is not in a committed relationship with any of her situationships.

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