“I almost blew a gasket” – Kate Henshaw tackles Enioluwa, others

Kate Henshaw has thrown shades at Enioluwa and some other influencers over lateness to event.

Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw has expressed utter disappointment at Enioluwa and some other influencers.

The actress expressed her displeasure at the lack of punctuality displayed by her younger colleagues in the industry during the All Stars Inter House Sports event.

In her video, she also talked about how Eni and some individuals arrived late but still sought recognition by confidently making their way to the front row.

This behavior struck a nerve with Henshaw, who firmly believes in the importance of respecting event start times.

To emphasize the significance of punctuality, Henshaw referenced the well-known biblical parable of the ten virgin women.

She highlighted how arriving late not only shows a lack of respect for others but also undermines one’s credibility.

Henshaw stressed that being late to an event hinders effective communication and diminishes the seriousness with which one’s words are taken.

Her impassioned plea urged her younger colleagues to reflect on their behavior and avoid being late, especially when important matters are at stake.

She kept saying; “why are you late? I abhor lateness. Anything you say to me, I won’t even take you serious. Why are you late? Don’t carry this behavior and be late when the trumpet sounds.”

@mila_gold123 commented: “I was invited to and the service was supposed to start 12:00 pm if only it took place 1:00 pm it should not be an issue but it started 5:00 pm.. what happened to my own program if i have any? Nigeria both the organizer and the attender will always come late and it highly disrespectful. The most annoying part that 5hours i spend was without food.”

@folagade_banks said; “Thank God aunty kate is saying this… it can be so frustrating at times .. to the extent that they say if you wanna start an event by 7pm put 5pm on the invite card. because if two hours never pass some people no go show.. we really need to do better..”

@ann_nwokeji reacted: “Sis eh @k8henshaw Truth is we all need to do right, both the organizers and the attendees. My daughter’s school if they say come by 10 and you are there by 10.05 you’ll be shocked that you just missed your child presenting, because they start at the dot and end at the exact time as communicated. You see the first time it happened to most parents, by the next event everyone was punctual. And that’s how they’ve been till date. So the earlier organizers stop waiting for people to come they will all learn their lesson.”

@officiallolo1 said: “I’m a good time keeper but people never respect the time the put on their invites. it can be frustrating.. imagine as an mc booked for a 3 hours event 12-3 and the event started at 3…what would you do?”

@commonsensesis said: “Is it entrance exam” &…. To be honest, this so called “African time” is a character disease that has spread its curse across the globe ( by the perpetrators of this act. This is because there’re no consequences & “TIME” isn’t “MONEY” to them (if people pay for time, they will NEVER BE LATE… because the consequences are “LATE FEES, FINES and/or CLOSED DOORS/NO ENTRY”)”

See the video below:

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