“I ain’t going back” – Young man who just got released from prison says as he displays his musical talent (video)

A young man is trending on Twitter after he had cried out that he doesn’t want to go back to prison.

Derro has taken to his Twitter account to state that he has been in jail for four years.

And after his jail term, he has been trying to change his life around with music.

Dero also disclosed that he has 7 siblings and has to cater to his family and bear responsibilities. And this is with little or no means of survival.

He further appreciated those who would support his music as he doesn’t want to commit a crime that will land him back in jail.

In the viral video, he was seen trying to make a beat on a recycling bin.

Here’s what he captioned his musical video:

“Fresh outta prison!  if you fw this.. please share it11 I’m tryna blow.. I ain’t going back!”